—Tommy's first word.

Thomas Daniel "Tommy" Fuller Jr. is a main character from Fuller House.

Tommy is the youngest of the Fuller family. He loves naps, songs, and when Aunt Stephanie makes funny faces at him. One day he hopes that he'll be tall enough to join a family hug.

He is portrayed by twin brothers Dashiell and Fox Messitt.


D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Mother)

D.J Fuller is his mother and cares very much about Tommy. In the episode, A Tommy Tale, Miss Emily from the Center of Discovery tells D.J that Tommy is a little behind on his speech, especially with linking words and creating full sentences. D.J thinks she is wrong and kicks Miss Emily out and denies her of "her home-made lemon square recipe", but as Stephanie revealed, she bought them from Trader Joe's.

D.J gets him help from a speech therapist and Tommy ends up saying a sentence and D.J is proud of him. When D.J tells Stephanie about this (before her talking to Tommy) Stephanie tells her he is a little behind from when Jackson and Max were his age.

In the episode "Maybe Baby", he and Pamela, his adoptive second-cousin, are playing and when Pamela sticks gum in his hair, D.J comes to his defense and takes care of him, like always.

D.J wants Tommy's first word to be 'mommy', while Kimmy wants it to be 'Kimmy', but when Stephanie appears, he says, 'Steph.'

Jackson Fuller

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Max Fuller

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Ramona Gibbler

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Pamela Katsopolis

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