—Tommy's first word.
Tommy Fuller Jr.

Tommy Jr Fuller House 001


General Information
Gender: Male
Address: 1882 Gerard Street
Aliases: Tommy JR
Family & Friends
Family: DJ Tanner (mother)
Stephanie Tanner (aunt)
Kimmy Gibbler (aunt)
Jackson Fuller (brother)
Max Fuller (brother)
Ramona Gibbler (cousin)
Danny Tanner (grandfather)
Jesse Katsoplis (uncle)
Rebecca Katsopolis (aunt)
Joey Gladstone (uncle)
Thomas Fuller Sr (father)
Production Information
Portrayer: Dashiell and Fox Messit

Tommy is a character from Fuller House.


Tommy is the youngest of the Fuller family. He loves naps, songs, and when Aunt Stephanie makes funny faces at him. One day he hopes that he'll be tall enough to join a family hug. he is portrayed by twin brothers Dashiell & Fox Messitt.


D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Mother)

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JD Fuller (Brother)

Coming Soon

Max Fuller (Brother)

Coming Soon

Stephanie Tanner (Aunt)

Coming Soon

Kimmy Gibbler

Coming Soon

Ramona Gibbler

Coming Soon


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