Jimmy: No matter what happens, you're my person. Nothing's gonna change that.

Stephanie: You're my person, too.

—Jimmy and Stephanie in "Here Comes the Sun".
Simmy is a pairing between Stephanie Tanner and Jimmy Gibbler. Their first interaction was in the opening episode of Season 2 of Fuller House, Welcome Back. It is one of the most supported ships in the Fuller House fandom. Kimmy Gibbler (Jimmy's sister) is currently carrying their child, as Stephanie can not traditionally have children.

Relationship Dynamic

"I just kissed a Gibbler?"
—Stephanie after finding out that Jimmy is Kimmy's brother.
The relationship dynamic is that Stephanie is more of an outgoing person who, though she wants to start a

Stephanie and Jimmy on New Years.

family, tends to have problems with relationships, and usually ends relationships once the other person starts to fall for her, as that makes her worried she will get hurt in some way. While Jimmy is not the brightest crayon in the box, and has fallen for Stephanie hardcore. Not long after they start dating, however, Jimmy tells Stephanie that he loves her, and this makes Stephanie want to break things off with Jimmy. However, D.J. tells Stephanie that she can't just push away everyone that cares about her, and that her and Jimmy are perfect for each other. They then get back together, and have been together ever since. It was revealed in the episode "Wedding or Not Here We Come", that Jimmy wants to start a family with Stephanie too, although Stephanie can't have children. But it is revealed in "A Tommy Tale", that Kimmy wants to be the surrogate to Stephanie and Jimmy's child. However, the chances that Kimmy will actually get pregnant with their child is less than 50%. However, in the Season 3 finale, "Here Comes the Sun", Kimmy reveals that she is pregnant, and they all hug and are very excited and thankful.

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Additional Names

  • Stimmy (St/ephanie and J/immy)
  • Jephanie (J/immy and St/ephanie)
  • Stephy (Steph/anie and Jimm/y)


"Stephanie: I feel the same way you do. I love you. You're awesome.
Jimmy: Wait, what did you say?
Stephanie: I feel the same way you do?
Jimmy: No, after that.
Stephanie You're awesome?
Jimmy: No, before that.
Stephanie: I love you.
Jimmy: I knew I heard that. I love you too, Steph-a-clause."
—Stephanie and Jimmy saying 'I love you' to each other for the first time on Christmas.[src]
"Jimmy: But, I've got to say just one more thing. There is no one who would love you and that baby... more than I would.
Stephanie: If you're really up for this, then I say... that we try to make a baby."
—Stephanie and Jimmy deciding to try to make a baby.


Season 2

First Meeting

"Stephanie: What's happening?
Jimmy: We're about to kiss.
Stephanie: That's crazy. I mean, especially since I'm singing a song called "Gotta Take Love Slow"."
—Stephanie and Jimmy upon first meeting each other.

Welcome Back

Their first interaction was in the opening episode of Season 2 of Fuller House, Welcome Back. In the Fuller House season 2 official trailer, it shows a brief clip of Jimmy and Stephanie sharing a kiss outside of the Fuller Home. Shortly after the kiss, Kimmy walks outside and greets Jimmy as they both do the "Gibbler

Fuller-house-official-trailer-season-2-today-161101-tease-01 8d0e52f913f43345c60fef6202728b74

Stephanie and Jimmy sharing their first kiss.

Gallop". Stephanie asks whats going on, and Kimmy tells her that Jimmy is her little brother. Stephanie then looks disgusted as she says, "I just kissed a Gibbler?". Then, Kimmy looks at Jimmy and says, "You kissed a Tanner?!". Kimmy and Stephanie both look at each other in even more disgust and both say, "Ew!".

When Jimmy is helping D.J. out later in the episode by pretending to be her boyfriend at the barbecue (due to her wanting to make Matt and Steve jealous), Stephanie walks outside and the first thing Jimmy says to Stephanie, is "-this is not what it looks like.", and Stephanie replies saying, "Well, it looks like a barbecue". Jimmy then makes a dramatic fake breakup with D.J. in front of everyone, and claims that Stephanie is the one for him.

One-Sided Feelings

"That's up to Steph. All I know is that my heart is parked here forever."
—Jimmy trying to get a date with Stephanie.

Mom Interference

When Jimmy enters the Fuller Home and greets everyone, D.J. asks him how long his R.V. will be parked outside of their house, and Jimmy responds with "That's up to Steph, all I know is my heart is parked here forever.". Everyone at the table then awes and then Stephanie tells them, "No 'awes' this is not happening.". Jimmy then gives Stephanie his dream-catcher as a gift, claiming he doesn't need it anymore now that all his dreams came true that day they kissed. Everyone at the table awes again, but Stephanie once again tells them to stop. Jimmy then asks Stephanie if she wants to go out with him, but she rejects him. After he leaves, D.J. tells Stephanie to go for it, as he is so sweet and thoughtful. Kimmy then responds with, "Yeah, he's really the black sheep of the family.", and the conversation ends.


Jimmy giving Stephanie his dreamcatcher as a gift.

Later in the episode, Jimmy rings the doorbell to the house and walks in, which Stephanie points out the irony by saying "Why ring the doorbell if you're gonna just walk in anyway?". Jimmy says that Kimmy told him that Stephanie needed a partner for game night. Kimmy then tells Stephanie that if her and Jimmy really hit it off, she could become Mrs. Stephanie Gibbler. Stephanie seems horrified by this. During game night, when playing charades, Jimmy guesses all of Stephanie's clues on the first try. They both then complete each others sentences saying that they have never felt such a connection.

Later on, when they're all alone, Stephanie brings up how she can't believe how good they were are family game night. Jimmy then says, "I know, we should really go out.". Stephanie replies, "I don't know, it just seems like a-" Jimmy then completes her sentence as they both say, "-bad idea.". Stephanie tells Jimmy to get out of her head, and he replies, "I will if you go out with me.". Stephanie finally tells him that she will go out with him, and Jimmy responds, "You sure? Because you don't have to if you don't want to.". Stephanie rolls her eyes and says that she is going to go change. Jimmy replies, "No! Don't change! I like you just the way you are.". Stephanie then leaves the room and the conversation ends.


Jimmy and Stephanie kiss again on their first date.

Jimmy takes Stephanie to his RV for their first date and welcomes her inside. Stephanie is immediately interested in Jimmy's job as a photographer, and how he gets to just travel the world for living. After a little bit of talking, Stephanie tells him that there's more to him than meets the eye. They then kiss again.

Officially Dating

"Jimmy: You want some fries with that?
Stephanie: Oh, I want the whole Happy Meal."
—Stephanie and Jimmy before kissing again.

Curse of Tanner Manor


Jimmy and Stephanie officially dating.

Jimmy enters the Fuller House once again and greets Stephanie, and they kiss once more. Jimmy then asks Stephanie if she wants to go out again on Halloween. Stephanie says she'd love to and they make plans to go to Mighty Mountain's Haunted Halloween. Jimmy continues and says that they are going to be the ones dressing up as zombies trying to scare people in the haunted house. Stephanie claims that sounds like fun, and then their conversation ends.


Stephanie and Jimmy trying to scare Jackson and Ramona.

At the haunted house, Jimmy and Stephanie get in their zombie makeup and costumes and then see Jackson and Ramona there as well, and decide to scare them, as both Jackson and Ramona ditched on D.J.'s special Halloween party to go to the haunted house. They then try to scare Jackson and Ramona by knowing their names and where they live (as Jackson and Ramona don't know that is Stephanie and Jimmy), claiming that they should have stayed home with their families. Jackson and Ramona promise that if they let them go, they'll go back home. Once Stephanie and Jimmy unlock the door, then run back home, terrified. They then both compliment each others acting performances and kiss once more. Once, Stephanie and Jimmy return back home, they help D.J. out by bringing some of the other actors from the haunted house to make her Halloween party scarier (as all the kids were making fun of how the party was lame), and it immediately makes the party a lot scarier, even scaring Taylor, Max's not-easily-scared classmate.

Fuller Thanksgiving

When Danny comes to the Fuller home for Thanksgiving, Stephanie tells Max not to to tell Danny about her relationship with Jimmy, as she doesn't think he would like it. However, Max ends up telling Danny not long after he enters the house. At first Danny seems to be quite shocked claiming, "You're dating a Gibbler?". But this quickly changes as Danny is trying to be more "cool" as he is going through a mid-life crisis, and he gives Jimmy a high-five.

A Tangled Web


The "Gibbler-Nibbler".

Stephanie and Jimmy walk into the Fuller home laughing and talking about things that happened on their date. Jimmy then gives Stephanie a "Gibbler-nibbler", and they laugh and Stephanie asks Ramona and Kimmy, "Are we not the cutest?", and Kimmy says, "Absolutely. You two are not the cutest.". Stephanie then tells Jimmy that she wrote a song about him, and Jimmy seems very excited about the fact.

Later on, Stephanie preforms her new song with her new band. She titled the song, "The Boy Next Door". After the performance, Jimmy is seen to be very proud of Stephanie and claims that she slayed it, and even begins to cry. After everyone leaves, Jimmy suggests that Stephanie shares her song with the world, and claims he could make a YouTube video.

A while after the video is created and published, Jimmy suggests that him and Stephanie check to see how many hits their video has. Stephanie is doubtful that it will have a lot, but Jimmy is confident in Stephanie. When they checked on the video, it had 41 views, 37 thumbs down, and all the comments said that they


Stephanie and Jimmy's overly-cheesy music video.

were annoying. They then ask Kimmy to take a look at their video and see if they really are annoying. The video is overly cheesy and corny, so Kimmy replies by saying, "Yep, you're definitely annoying.". After Kimmy walks away, Jimmy reassures Stephanie that they don't hate her song, they only hate his video. Once Stephanie leaves, Jimmy tells Kimmy that seeing Stephanie like that breaks his heart.

Kimmy and Jimmy then hatch up a plan to re-edit the video to be less cheesy and corny, so they edit the video to be playing the music over cute videos of Tommy and Cosmo. First Stephanie is offended as Kimmy just replaced her and Jimmy with a dog and a baby, but then Kimmy claims that it's got over 300,000 views and then Stephanie gets really excited claiming that this is a dream come true. She then, thanks both Kimmy and Jimmy.


At the beginning of the episode, Jimmy is taking a photograph of the whole family (excluding D.J.), for D.J.'s special Christmas present. However, before the photo is taken D.J. ends up walking through the door, and is very excited about the family photo and joins in. Jimmy then takes the photo.


Stephanie and Jimmy taking photos.

As both Jimmy and Stephanie are walking into the kitchen, Jimmy tells Stephanie that he will see her tomorrow and Stephanie then reminds Jimmy that they have plans on Christmas Eve to see Ramona dance The Nutcracker. They share a goodbye kiss and then Jimmy says to Stephanie that there is something important he wants to talk to her about. Jimmy tells her that he has been offered a job in Auckland. Stephanie asks him if he is going to take it, but Jimmy says that he is not sure. Stephanie says that she doesn't want to stand in the way of his career, but she thinks their in such a good place, and that she can't imagine him being half a world away, and that she is going to miss him so much. Jimmy tells her that he is going to miss her too, but it's only a 30-minute drive. Stephanie then realizes he meant Oakland, California, not Auckland, New Zealand. She then tells him she needs to go lie down, but Jimmy catches up to her and asks, "Are you upset because you thought I was going to leave you? Steph, that'll never happen. I love you. You're awesome.".


Jimmy and his Gingerbread gift to Stephanie.

Stephanie then tells him that she really needs to go lie down now (slightly scared by the fact that he said 'I love you'), and as Jimmy is leaving he says, "Okay. I love you!". And the scene comes to a close.


"I don't know, when Jimmy said I love you, I just couldn't say it back."
—Stephanie trying to push away Jimmy, at a fear of getting hurt.
The next day, Jimmy apologizes for what he said the other night, and Stephanie replies with "Yeah, I wasn't expecting that at all.", only for her to realize that he wasn't talking about him saying 'I love you', but how he pronounced 'oakland'. And to make it up to her, he made her a gingerbread house. Jimmy notices that Stephanie is acting weird and asks her if it's because he said he loves her the other day. Stephanie, pretends that she didn't hear him say he loves her, but Jimmy replies to this by telling her he loves her again. Jimmy then says "Y'know, sometimes when people say 'I love you' the other person says 'I--", Stephanie then cuts him off by saying, "-I thank you and I bid you a fond farewell.", and she walks out of the room.

Stephanie dodges Jimmy at the opera.

At the opera, Stephanie and Jimmy sit next to each other and Jimmy tells her that they need to talk, but Stephanie moves over to another seat next to D.J., and tells her to pretend to talk to her, but Jimmy scoots next to her once more. Stephanie then states that she needs to get back to her assigned seat, and she moves again, next to Kimmy. She then asks Kimmy to pretend to talk to her.

At home, D.J. comes up to Stephanie and the kitchen after noticing that Jimmy's RV is gone, but Stephanie tells her she doesn't want to talk about it. D.J. then sits next to Stephanie and begins to rap:


D.J. and Stephanie talk about relationships.

"I'm D.J. Fuller and I'm here to speak, It's Christmas Eve and I'm a rhyming freak, I'm gonna keep on rappin' 'till your lips start flappin'" and then she begins to beatbox. Stephanie then gives in and is willing to talk. Stephanie says that Jimmy is acting like a total jerk. D.J. asks what he did and Stephanie says that "First he said Auckland when he meant Oakland.". D.J. then sarcastically says "The nerve.". Stephanie then continues and says that he then made gingerbread cookies of both of them. D.J. once again sarcastically says, "He's a monster.". Once again continuing, Stephanie states, "And when he told me he loved me, he expected me to say it back.". Stephanie then tells D.J. she's done talking. D.J. then begins to rap again, and Stephanie

begins to talk. Stephanie then says, "I don't know, when Jimmy said I love you, I just couldn't say it back.". D.J. then tells her that she believes Stephanie has a fear of commitment, and that as soon as she learns she cares about someone, she runs away. Stephanie realizes that D.J. is right, and that she is only pushing Jimmy away because she's afraid of getting hurt.


Stephanie and Jimmy make up.

Back Together, Again / In Love

"Jimmy! Jimmy, your RV was gone. I thought you'd left forever."
—Stephanie when Jimmy returns for Christmas.
The next day on Christmas, Jimmy comes back to the Fuller Home, and greets everyone. Stephanie runs up to Jimmy and hugs him, thinking he had left forever. Jimmy then tells Stephanie that he was just going last-minute Christmas shopping. Stephanie tells him that she is so sorry, and that she feels the same way he does. She tells him, "I love you. You're awesome.". Jimmy then tells her he loves her too, and they kiss.

Happy New Year, Baby

The first we see of Jimmy in this New Years themed episode, is his feeding Tommy his baby food, talking to Tommy about how when him and Kimmy were kids, their mom used to feed them creamed spinach and called it ice cream. Stephanie then walks into the room and offers Jimmy a drink, and then Jimmy brings up the idea that maybe one day they will have "one of these baby people", one that they can make together. However, an awkward Stephanie fades out of the conversation.


Stephanie tells Jimmy that she can't have children.

Later on, Stephanie and Becky (who recently adopted Pamela) have a talk on if adopting a child is any different than traditionally having a child, since Stephanie recently found out she cannot traditionally have children.

Near the end of the episode, Stephanie tells Jimmy that she can't get pregnant, and if that will be a problem for him, because if things work out between them, they will have to consider other options. Jimmy tells Stephanie that all that matters to him is that they are together. And they exchange 'I love yous'.

When the clock strikes midnight, Jimmy and Stephanie share a New Year's kiss.

Season 3

Best Summer Ever


Stephanie and Jimmy see Fernando hugging another woman.

The first you see Jimmy in this episode, (aside from Max's dream) he is in his RV with Stephanie and you learn that he is currently living in his RV, which is parked in a Cosco parking lot. When Stephanie looks out the window to the Cosco building, she sees Fernando hugging an unknown, attractive woman, and they both believe that Fernando is cheating on Kimmy. They then both argue over who is going to have to tell Kimmy. Eventually, they decide to tell Kimmy together.

Later on, when Jimmy visits Stephanie, he tells her about his troubles with finding a parking spot for his RV. Stephanie then tells him that she wishes he would find an actual place to live, rather than just constantly moving from parking spot to parking spot with his RV. They then prepare themselves to tell Kimmy about Fernando possibly cheating. However, once Kimmy walks downstairs, Jimmy freaks out and tells her that Stephanie has some bad news and that it involves Fernando, but then he bails. Stephanie then tells Kimmy about the blonde that they saw Fernando hugging.

Declarations of Independence


Jimmy escorting Stephanie into the kitchen after she broke her leg.

Near the beginning of the episode, after Stephanie broke her leg in the episode previous, Jimmy is escorting Stephanie through the living room through a chair with a rope tied to it. Once Stephanie is seated, she then tells everyone that she dislikes everyone treating her like she is a baby just because she broke a leg, so she tells Jimmy to not help her, as she can take care of herself for now on. Jimmy agrees claiming that he will just be helping her by not helping her.

Later on, when Stephanie is preparing lunch, her phone rings as Jimmy is passing through the room, and she asks him if he can hand her the phone. Just as Jimmy is about to grab the phone, he remembers that he promised to help her, by not helping her so he doesn't hand her the phone. Once she picks up the phone by herself, she is asked for her account number, which is in her purse, so she asks Jimmy to hand her the purse, but Jimmy responds by saying, "I love you too much for that". She then goes to grab her purse by herself, until the cooking timer rings, she is then stuck with a lot of things to handle, and no one to help.


Jimmy and Stephanie make up after the food fight.

At Danny's yearly, fourth of July pie-eating contest, Stephanie, mad at Jimmy, instead of eating the pie, throws it onto Jimmy's face, and Jimmy does the same. All the other couples (also mad at each other for one reason or another), do the same, and it turns into a food fight. Once Danny calls off the food fight, and makes all the couples talk out their problems, Stephanie tells Jimmy that when she said to not help her, she didn't mean to not ever help her. Jimmy then understands, and they make up.

Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting


Jimmy attempting the she-wolf howl.

At the beginning of the episode, after Jimmy and Fernando attempted to cook, Jimmy tries to get Stephanie and Kimmy to stop fighting by telling them to enjoy being part of the she-wolf pack. He then attempts to do a she-wolf howl, but the girls tell him that only they can she-wolf howl.

When the gang is hanging out at Kimmy's old house, weird stuff begins to happen, and some of them swear that it is a ghost behind all of the mayhem. However, Stephanie doesn't believe that the house is haunted. It is later revealed that Jimmy rigged all of the ghost stuff with a remote, because D.J. told him to, in order to get Kimmy and Stephanie to stop arguing.

M-m-m-My Ramona

Shortly into the episode, it shows Stephanie lying on the couch, while Jimmy plays with Tommy. Max, then comes downstairs and tells Stephanie to take care of his stuffed-animal unicorn, 'Uni' while him and Jimmy go make sandwiches. A little bit later, Jimmy and Max tell Stephanie that they can't find the sandwiches, so she leaves Uni with Tommy to go help the boys. However, they return to Tommy, who seems to have ripped up Uni. Max is shown to be very distraught by this. Stephanie tells Max that it was her fault, because she let Tommy play with Uni, and that she is very sorry, but Max is still very upset.


Stephanie relaxing on the couch, as Jimmy plays with Tommy.

Later on in the episode, Stephanie gives Max her old stuffed animal 'Mr. Bear'. However, Max decides to let Stephanie keep it, as it was her favorite childhood toy. Jimmy then runs into the kitchen and tells Max to go outside, because what is out there is going to blow his mind. And Jimmy presents to Max a 'real life unicorn' (a pony with a horn put on it's head). Max then figures out it's just Ramona's pony dressed like a unicorn and rejects that gift as well.

Near the end of the episode, Stephanie ends up patching the original Uni back up, and although there are some stitches and patches, Max appreciates this very much and accepts the gift.

Say Yes to the Dress


Jimmy and Stephanie after the misunderstanding with the invitations.

The very beginning of the episode shows Steve and C.J.'s Japanese Pre-Wedding Schedule Meeting - Followed by Karaoke Fun, hosted by Kimmy. D.J. points out that the invitations say "Attire: Dress", and Kimmy says that she was going to put "Attire: Dress Casual", but she ran out of room. Jimmy then walks into the room wearing a sparkly, green dress, thinking that you were supposed to wear a dress. Stephanie tells him it's not his fault, and he can go change. However, Jimmy tells Stephanie he is not changing because he shaved his legs for this.

Later on, when Stephanie and Jimmy are sitting in the kitchen, Stephanie is saddened to see that the movie she sold her song to had their red carpet premiere without her. Stephanie tries to play it off like she doesn't care at first, but once she finds out that Barrack Obama, Denzel, and George Lopez went, she is upset, and so is Jimmy. Jimmy states, "Well, in that case, I am outraged". And he tells her to meet him in the living room at 8:00 in her fanciest dress. She agrees and then they share a quick kiss before Jimmy heads off to start his project.


Jimmy and Stephanie at her own personal red carpet premiere.

At 8:00, Stephanie has on her fanciest dress and Jimmy escorts her into the living room, to reveal that he has created her own red carpet premiere with the whole family cheering Stephanie on.

When it comes the time to watch the movie, they wait for Stephanie's song to come on (it will be the song on the radio when a character passes by), only to realize that the song is on less than 3 seconds before the reaper attacks and the radio goes silent. Stephanie at first, is a little sad that the whole song wasn't played, or even just a sentence of the song, but then she is grateful that she got her song in a movie, and that Jimmy went through all that trouble just to make her feel special. Jimmy then tells Stephanie that's because she is special, and they share a kiss. Stephanie says that he makes everyday a red carpet moment just by being her boyfriend. And then the whole room 'awes'.

Maybe Baby


Stephanie being told that there is a small chance for her to actually have a child.

This episodes main plot is about Stephanie and Becky going to a fertility specialist, to see if there is still a chance that Stephanie can have a child, and if she can't, what the best options for her are.

Stephanie is told that she has a few viable eggs, but she herself cannot get pregnant. But the best option for her would be to try a surrogate. Stephanie and Becky are very excited by this news, as Stephanie thought that there was no hope at all.

Wedding or Not Here We Come

In this episode Stephanie shows Kimmy a list of possible surrogates, and if she wants to have a baby, she needs to pick a baby daddy as soon as possible. Kimmy tells her that it should be no doubt Jimmy, her boyfriend. Stephanie tells Kimmy that she loves Jimmy, but she thinks it's way too soon to ask for a lifelong commitment, and she doesn't want to put too much pressure on their relationship. Stephanie then makes Kimmy promise to not tell Jimmy.


Jimmy finding out that Stephanie hasn't asked him to be her baby daddy.

Later on, Kimmy walks into the room to see Jimmy looking quite sad, and Jimmy says "I'm sad". Kimmy then says that she doesn't blame him, as Stephanie should have asked him to be her baby daddy. Jimmy is shocked by this, as he was only sad because he burned the last Pop-Tart.

When everyone is leaving for Japan, Jimmy confronts Stephanie and asks her why he can't be her baby daddy. Stephanie tells him that she doesn't want to have this conversation right now. Jimmy asks her if it's because he's not a genius or an artist, and Stephanie tells him that she loves him, she quickly kisses him and then heads out.


Jimmy and Stephanie decide to try to have a baby.

Near the end of the episode when everyone is on the plane, Jimmy unexpectedly runs onto the plane just to talk more about Stephanie trying to have a baby. Jimmy asks him why she would want to do that without him, as he is her boyfriend. He then tells her that he has as much to offer as any of the other baby daddies. He first says that he is a genius, grabs a Rubix's cube, and solves it rather quickly. Next, he says that he is an artist, and begins playing on the flute. Jimmy then tells Stephanie to just consider it. Stephanie tells Jimmy thank you, but that she is not ready to have this discussion. Jimmy then tells her that he needs to go because he couldn't afford a return ticket, but he tells her one more thing. That there is no one who would love her and that baby more than he would. Stephanie tells him that if he is really up to this, then they can give it a shot.

Thinking About Children

"I, James "Jimmy" Gibbler, vow to be your baby daddy. To diaper and to swaddle, to burp and to bathe-- to tickle and to tuck in, until never do us part."
—Jimmy vowing to always be there for Stephanie and their possible child.

Fast Times at Bayview High


Jimmy vowing to be Stephanie's baby daddy.

The first we see Stephanie and Jimmy together in this episode, they are in the kitchen with Kimmy and D.J., when Stephanie's phone rings. Kimmy, D.J., and Jimmy all say, "That could be the doctor!", and wait in anticipation for her to pick up the phone. Stephanie answers the phone and says that it is the doctor. D.J., Kimmy, and Jimmy then go silent and wait for Stephanie to finish the call. Once she hangs up, they all asks what the doctor said. Stephanie tells them that her and Jimmy have three viable embryos. Everyone is excited by this, and Jimmy and Stephanie hug. Once the excitement dies down a bit, Stephanie tells Jimmy seriously that this just got real, and if this baby thing goes as planned, it will be a lifelong commitment for them, and she gives him one last chance to back out. Jimmy tells Stephanie that he is not backing out, and that he is in this thing 100%. To prove this, Jimmy grabs one of Tommy's ring-toys, gets down on one knee and vows to be her baby daddy. Once he is finished, they kiss and then Kimmy starts throwing 'Rice Krispies' on them, congratulating them as she does so.

Surrogate City

In this episode, Jimmy comes rushing into the Fuller home, dressed very nicely, saying that it is a big day today, and then tells everyone that him and Stephanie are going to be interviewing possible surrogates for their child. Jimmy tells everyone that there is no need to worry, because he has some great candidates lined up. Stephanie is really impressed by the fact that Jimmy is taking this so seriously, before she looks at some of the questions he plans to ask the possible surrogates, like, "Do you or do you not believe in Sasquatch?".


Jimmy and Stephanie interviewing possible surrogates.

Later on, the first candidate arrives to the house, only for Stephanie and Jimmy to see that the woman is already pregnant, and since the people that she is carrying a baby for, are behind on their payments, she may give them their child. Jimmy likes her, but Stephanie isn't interested. The next candidate is a woman who is seen telling Stephanie and Jimmy how to trick the parole board into thinking you're not crazy. Jimmy is impressed at first, but once he asks her is Sasquatch is real or fake, and she answers fake, he decides against it. The next candidate is a chain smoker, who Stephanie and Jimmy both decline almost immediately. Once she leaves, Stephanie complains about how this group of people are terrible, and that they need a better agency. Jimmy then says an agency would be a good idea, and that he just put an ad on CraigsList, explaining the bad options. The doorbell then rings and Gia comes in and says that she would be happy to carry their child. Stephanie is at first open to the idea, thinking it would be great to have someone they know and trust be the surrogate, but once Gia realizes she can't drink when she is pregnant, she says that this doesn't seem right for her.

Later on, Stephanie tells D.J. that she interviewed 15 more surrogates, but none of them felt right, and she didn't feel like she could trust any of them. D.J. then reveals that she went to the doctor today to see if she could be Stephanie's surrogate, but they said it was too risky. Stephanie thanks her for trying, but then says that she is just afraid that she'll never find the right person. D.J. then tells her that she will find the right person, because she already found her for Stephanie. Kimmy then comes through the door and says, "Did someone order Womb Service?". D.J. tells her that when Kimmy went with her to the doctor, it turns out that Kimmy is her perfect surrogate. Kimmy says that she wants to do this for her, and Jimmy. Stephanie is very grateful, and all three hug.


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