Wait, are you upset because you thought I was gonna leave you? Steph, that will never happen. I love you. You're awesome.
—Jimmy telling Stephanie he loves her for the first time in "Nutcrackers".
"Simmy" is a pairing between Stephanie Tanner and Jimmy Gibbler. Their first interaction was in the opening

episode of Season 2 of Fuller House, Welcome Back.

In the Fuller House season 2 official trailer, it shows a brief clip of Jimmy and Stephanie sharing a kiss outside of the Fuller Home. Shortly after the kiss, Kimmy walks outside and greets Jimmy as they both do the "Gibbler Gallop". Stephanie asks whats going on, and Kimmy tells her that Jimmy is her little brother. Stephanie then looks disgusted as she says, "I just kissed a Gibbler?". Then Kimmy looks at Jimmy, "You kissed a Tanner?!". Kimmy and Stephanie both look at each other in even more disgust and both say, "Ew!".

WARNING: All Severe Ship Arguments Will Be Reported To 'Administrators And Be Punished!

Additional Names

  • Stimmy (St/ephanie and J/immy)
  • Jephanie (J/immy and St/ephanie)
  • Stephy (Steph/anie and Jimm/y)


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