> *The classic Full House theme song plays. The Full House house is shown on the screen with words on the bottom of it spelling, "29 Years Later...", and then it cuts to a scene inside the kitchen. Danny is making sandwiches, and baby Tommy is in his booster chair*

Danny: Hey Tommy.

Tommy: *continues to chew on his toys*

Danny: You didn't see your grandpa drop this peice of bread did ya? *Danny holds up a peice of bread that he just dropped on the floor*

Tommy: *is still chewing on his toys silently*

Danny: Good. I'll just feed it to Joey.

> *Jesse walks down the stairs*

Jesse: Good morning, Daniel.

Jesse: Hey, Tommy, lets show gramps the gift Uncle J. got you. 

> *Jesse holds Tommy up, twere Tommy is standing on the table, only to see that Tommy is wearing an Elvis onesie*

Jesse: A onesie fit for a king.                                      

> *Jesse makes it so that Tommy fakefully dances*

> *Joey walks up the stairs from the basement wearing bugs bunny pjs*

Joey: Ah, hey Jess.

Joey: *in a Bullwinkle voice* When are you going to give up this whole Elvis thing? It is so childish!

Jesse: In a fair knuckle-fight, Elvis destroys Bullwinkle everytime. He knows karate.

> *Jesse starts playing with Tommy like a doll, making him do kung fu moves as Joey playfully karate chops Tommy's chest*

Jesse: *lip syncing as Tommy* Thank ya, thank ya very much.

> *Jesse starts making Tommy dance like Elvis once more*

> *Becky walks down the stairs*

Becky: Wooh, good morning everybody.

Becky: Man oh man, i'm exhausted.

Jesse: Oh yeah? From last night? 

> *Jesse smirks*

Becky: No, from walking up and down all those stairs to the Attick. We made that climb everyday for seven years?

Jesse: Mhm. No wonder your butt was so firm.

Becky: What do you mean "was"?

Jesse: Let me fini- did I say was? I meant "is" I-I didn't- Kiss me.

> *Jesse and Becky kiss*

> *Danny walks over with breakfast made and plops it on the table*

Danny: It's so fun having you guys crashing here this weekend, but I got to admit, it is a little weird.

Jesse: You know what's weird? Joey's 60 years old and he is still wearing the same bugs bunny pjs. "Thats" werid.

Joey: I'm 55-ish, and these happen to be brand new.

> *D.J. walks in through the door*

D.J.: Good morning!

> *D.J. walks around the room giving the entire family hugs and kisses*

D.J.: Did I miss anyone?

Danny: No, but i'll take seconds.

Joey: Ah! 

> *Joey kisses Danny on the cheek*

D.J.: Okay, I have 15 minutes to eat breakfast and then I have to go open the pet shop. Oh, and dad, remember your taking the boys to school this morning.

Danny: Got it.

D.J.: You guys must be so pumped. Your moving to LA to host your own national morning show! Whats it called again?

Becky and Danny: Wake up USA!

Danny: Staring Danny Tanner.

Becky: Well, really staring Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis.

Danny: Isn't she adorable? But, my names first. Not that it matters. But, it matters.