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Why can't I talk? I must be in heaven, because I'm looking at an angel.
—Max's thoughts upon seeing Rose for the first time.

Mose is a pairing between Max Fuller and Rose on Fuller House.

Mose is one of the most supported ships on Fuller House. Max immediately fell for Rose when he first saw her, and they instantly bonded over their love for Titanic. He then invites her to attend Ramona's concert and then they meet again on Christmas and New Years Eve. On New Years Eve Jackson tricks Max to think that Midnight had already happened. When Rose shows up she tells him its not even 11:00 yet. So they tie Jackson and Ramona’s doors together for revenge. At Midnight Rose and Max kiss. Later in Break a Leg, (season 3 episode 2) Max decides to have a pool party. He invites Rose to his party. They have some fun, then Taylor comes and ruins everything. He tells Max that Rose was his girlfriend for three recesses during kindergarten. Then he tries to bribe Rose to come to his house to see his above ground pool. She refuses and Max decides that she deser better than a kiddie pool. So, Max uses his birthday money to rent a slide and Rose makes them his and hers hand turkeys. In the July 4th episode Max shows Rose an experiment where you drop mentos into coke and then it explode. Max let’s Rose to put the mentos on three. Instead she puts them in on two and the coke gets all over Max. Rose laughs at him when the coke is pouring down on him. Later in the episode during the clean pie eating contest they get in a food fight. After that Danny tells them to talk it out and then hug it out. Rose tells Max she is sorry and then Max gives her the silent treatment. After about five seconds and then they make up. Then Max tells Rose that she is his angel and they skip around on the lawn. Then they watch the fireworks together.


Rose and Max in Season 3.

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Additional Names

  • Rax (R/ose and M/ax)