Hola, Tannteritos.
—Kimmy's catchphrase
 Kimberley "Kimmy" Louise Gibbler is D.J.'s best friend and currently is living alongside D.J. and Stephanie in the Fuller Home with her daughter Ramona and is currently engaged to her ex-husband, Fernando. She is portrayed by Andrea Barber.


D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Best-Friend)

D.J. met Kimmy in kindergarten, but the math from another later episode speaks of a friendship going back to when they were nine or so. It is imagined that age nine is when their being best friends started; perhaps this coincided with her moving next door. This is quite possible, because in the episode "The Trouble with Danny" from season five, Kimmy remarks that her family would live in a place for five years, trash it, and then move out.

Mentions of rollerblading in the living room and such lead one to believe that is true, while since they lived next door all seven years, something – most likely owning the home instead of renting – led them to take better care of it so they wouldn't have to move out. And, what would cause them to have the money to buy the house next to the Tanners? That is not certain, but the speculation is as wild as Kimmy's 1970s clothing, and one suspects the answer may be as strange as Kimmy herself.

Their friendship hit hard times when D.J. was getting ready to go off to college, and started caring more about Steve than her, but those issues were resolved.

Stephanie Tanner (Friend)

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Fernando (Husband)

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JD Fuller (Nephew)

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Max Fuller (Nephew)

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Tommy Fuller (Nephew)

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Ramona Gibbler (Daughter)

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Steve Hale (Friend)

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  • It is revealed in Love Is In The Air that Kimmy thinks D.J. should pick Steve. Which is DJ's decision


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