"Jamona" is a friendship/romantic/family pairing between Ramona Gibbler and Jackson Fuller.

Jackson Fuller and Ramona Gibbler have a quite complicated relationship in the beginning of the series. However as the first season progressed, they were becoming friends. For example, Ramona didn't like her new school, so Jackson stepped in, in an attempt to get her out of school, for the reason of setting off the fire alarm resulting in punishments at the end of the episode. Jackson is glad that Ramona is staying at the end of season one because she picked a tie for him to impress Lola, which it did, resulting in their first kiss. Also, as a result, a shared fist bump between Jackson and Ramona.

In season two, their relationship continues to grow. Especially in episode seven of the season, when there is an embarrassing video about Ramona shared online and the whole school sees it. When it is found that Popko posts it, Jackson gets frustrated when he finds Ramona's feelings were hurt. Therefore, posting an embarrassing video about Popko for everyone's amusement. When Ramona thanks Jackson, they both mention they feel they have a brother and sister type relationship. Jackson mentions hugging is mandatory in the family, motioning that Ramona and her parents (Kimmy and Fernando), are a part of his family as they share their first hug.

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Additional Names

  • Rackson (R/amona and J/ackson)

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