Girl Talk is a band formerly started by Stephanie Tanner and Gia Mahan. It also featured Kimmy Gibbler and Melissa Morgan. The only song sung by them was "I Saw the Sign" as their audition/performance for the Wake Up San Francisco talent show. Which they lost, after not practicing enough,and ignoring their band manager, "Jesse Katsopolis ".


Full House

Fuller House

Known Songs

  • I Saw the Sign


  • Girl Talk return for Fuller House, Season 2
  • By the look of the trailer, D.J. will replace Melissa Morgan and the 4 girls will colour their hair.
  • It is unknown why Girl Talk returns, or whether Jesse will return as their band manager, or if they will manage themselves. It is also unkown if they'll sing "I Saw The Sign" or a new piece.
  • Gibbler Style with sponsor them.

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