This is the list of the members of the Fuller family in Fuller House. To be a member of the Fuller family; the character must have the last name of "Fuller".

D.J. Fuller

D.J. is the main character of Fuller House. D.J. has now given birth to three children, Jackson, Max, and Tommy Jr. Her husbands name was also Tommy, whom she named her last son, Tommy Jr, after. Unfortunately, D.J.'s husband, Tommy, died trying to save a small girl from a fire.

Tommy Fuller

Tommy (the first) is an unseen character in Fuller House. All that is known about him is that he is the deceased husband of D.J. and the father of Jackson, Max, and Tommy Jr.

Jackson Fuller

Jackson is the first Fuller child, and D.J.'s first son. He likes sports, skateboarding, and hanging out with his friends. He's a bit of a rebel, and doesn't always listen. Like his Great Uncle Jesse, he likes to ride bikes, play guitar, write songs. He seemingly used to have a close bond with his father.

Max Fuller

Max is the middle Fuller child. He likes science, reading, and his older brother Jackson. He has always wanted a puppy. He is a lot like what his Aunt Michelle and his Aunt Stephanie (when she was younger) were like.

Tommy Fuller Jr.

Tommy Jr. is the youngest of the Fuller family. He loves naps, songs, and when Aunt Stephanie makes funny faces at him. One day he hopes that he'll be tall enough to join a family hug. He was named after his deceased father; Tommy Fuller.

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