When editing or creating content on Fuller House Wiki, you should always confirm that you are using a reliable source for the information you're writing.

What is a reliable source?

A reliable source of information on this wiki includes

  • Netflix
  • Jeff Franklin
  • Tweets or posts from the cast and crew
  • @fullerhousenews on Instagram
  • Messit Twins YouTube Channel

What is not a reliable source?

Some examples of unreliable source are

  • "Spoiler" accounts
  • Other Fuller House wikis.

Why is reliability so important?

Reliability is important on this site, because we're an informative wiki about the show. Without reliability and accuracy, we might as well throw the whole idea of a "wiki", an online information catalogue, out of the window. But we don't.

If you have a question about whether or not a source is reliable, please contact an administrator to answer your questions!