Fast Times at Bayview High is the twelfth episode of season 3 and the thirty-eighth episode of Fuller House overall. This episode marks the final appearance of Lola Wong.


Jimmy and Steph visit the fertility clinic, and Jackson and Ramona start high school. A big surprise at work brings Matt and D.J. closer together.


At the vetenarian clinic, Matt shows up after a vacation at Bora Bora and announces his retirement from the vet business in favor of opening a taco and snorkel shop on the island. A stranger leaves a large box in the clinic, which the two discover to their horror contains an alligator named Kathy. After escaping the alligator in the office, D.J. hopes that her and Matt can still be in each other's lives as best friends and co-workers but Matt needs to take some time to think about his feelings.

At high school on their first day, Ramona is cut from the dance team when she recommends more modern dances to her arrogant dance instructor, Chad Bradley while Jackson slips on a piece of bologna in the cafeteria and is dubbed "Bologna Boy" on social media. Rocki, however, manages to save Jackson's reputation by proclaiming him "Full Lips Fuller" and the best kisser in high school. When a popular girl challenges the rumors, Rocki intervenes and kisses Jackson to give credibility to the rumors but admits that she was being honest and he really isn't a bad kisser. Max and Kimmy, wishing to help Ramona get back on the squad, show up at school and set up a dance-off between Chad and Ramona, which she ultimately wins when Chad stumbles during his routine. Defeated, he accepts Ramona back on the team.

Stephanie and Jimmy learn that they have three viable embryos and Stephanie gives him one final chance to back out since things are now serious. Jimmy vows to support her and be there as her baby daddy in the style of a marriage proposal. 





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  • One of Jimmy's lines were inferred in the final scene.