"Dteve" is a romantic/friendship pairing between D.J. Fuller and Steve Hale on Fuller House, strongly rivaling Datt (D.J. and Matt).
Dteve is the most popular Full House and Fuller House ship. Ever since Steve's debt in Full House ("Sisters in Crime"), fans of the show started shipping them. So it's no doubt that when Steve returned for Fuller House they would still be shipped.

WARNING: All Severe Ship Arguments Will Be Reported To 'Administrators And Be Punished!

Like said above, the ship started in the Full House episode "Sisters in Crime", but the first time the ship made sight in Fuller House was in the very first episode, "Our Very First Show, Again"

Full-house 2

D.J. and Steve in Full House.

Ever since D.J. and Steve reunited in the first episode of Fuller House, it was made obvious that Steve was trying to get back together with D.J., and it sort of worked. They shared a few kisses and had a good time together overtime they were around. However, Steve had one rival who was also trying to win D.J.'s affection, Matt. (see D.J. and Matt's relationship here.) In the season 1 finale, "Love Is In The Air", D.J. rejected them both and told them she is not ready to date yet (due to the recent passing of her husband, Tommy).

However, in "Happy New Year, Baby" it was revealed that D.J. was going to pick Steve over Matt, but due to Steve recently getting engaged to C.J., she is now dating Matt.

Additional Names

  • S.J. (S/teve and D/.J.)
  • Sonnna (S/teve and D/onna) (D.J.'s real name is Donna Jo)
  • Deve (D/.J. and St/eve)



This Relationship won the award for Favorite Major Character Relationship at the Fuller House Wiki Awards 2017!


  • They are the only pairing to be continued from Full House

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