Matt, when you first walked into the clinic, I felt an immediate spark. And when I look into your eyes, I feel alive and excited about our future.

–D.J. about Matt in "Love Is In The Air".

D.J., I know what we have is real. And we're already great partners, so I would just love a chance to see where this Journey will take us.

–Matt about D.J. in "Love Is In The Air".

Datt is a romantic/friendship pairing between D.J. Fuller and Matt Harmon on Fuller House.

Datt is one of the two most popular Fuller House ships strongly rivaling Dteve (D.J. and Steve).

The ship first started in the episode, 'The Not-So-Great Escape', where D.J. hangs out with her boss' son, Matt. On D.J.'s way out, Matt yells "D.J., wait!" and she immediately runs up to him and kisses him. After their kiss Matt says that he was just going to tell her that she forgot her purse. Embarrassed, D.J. leaves. Once D.J. leaves, Matt does a short victory dance as he is heading to clean their table.


D.J. and Matt in Season 3.

Ever since then, D.J. and Matt have gone out on a few dates and D.J. ended up really liking him. However, she had to make the choice between Matt and Steve (her high school boyfriend whom wants to reunite.) D.J. ended up rejecting both of them saying that she is not ready to date yet (due to the recent passing of her husband, Tommy). However, D.J. is still good friends with both of them.

In Season 3, it was revealed that after a few weeks/months of dating D.J., he was going to propose to D.J. in Japan.

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Season 1

The Not-So-Great Escape

  • When Matt makes his first on-screen appearance as he is walking into the Pet Clinic, he first greets his father, and then notices D.J. He looks at her for a short second and then greets her as well by saying "Oh [short break] Hi. You must be Dr. Fuller.". D.J. responds with, "[confused] Your little Matty? [she points to an old picture of him and his father, were Matt looks more of like a geek]". Matt then smiles and nods. D.J. slightly smiles back as she says, "Oh, well you've improved.".
  • Matt responds to D.J.'s comment about him looking different with, "Thank you. My braces came off and my head finally caught up with my ears."
  • D.J. laughs when Matt's father jokes about Matt resembling a dog with his formerly 'flabby ears'. Matt responds by saying that he does love to have his belly tickled and she laughs once more.
  • When Matt's father (Dr. Fred Harmon) tells D.J. her and Matt will be working together while he's gone, Matt shakes D.J.'s hand and says, "I look forward to working with you--maybe I'll let you scratch my belly." D.J. gives him an odd look while still keeping a smile on her face. Matt realizes that sounded awkward and continues with, "-That was supposed to sound cute."

The Legend of El Explosivo

  • At the Pet Clinic Matt walks into the same room as D.J. and shows her an x-ray of a wiener dog who swallowed a history report on a flash drive.
  • D.J. responds, "It's finally happened; a dog actually ate someone's homework.". Matt laughs.
  • When D.J. opens her phone, Matt asks, "What are you doin'?". She tells him she's installing an app to keep track of Jackson. Matt looks at her confused and asks, "Your stalking your kid?". D.J. looks at him and says, "No! Don't be ridiculous! I'm just watching what he does all the time without his knowledge." . "So your stalking your kid." Matt corrects her.
  • D.J. shows Matt a video of Jackson doing dangerous stunts (which she found on Jacksons' friends' YouTube channel), and Matt smiles and says, "That's awesome.". D.J. responds, "No! It's dumb and dangerous."
  • D.J. tells Matt, "You don't know what It's like to be a mom.". Matt adds, "And you don't know what It's like to be a boy."
  • D.J. looks to see where Jackson is and sees that he's at the place where D.J. told him not to go. She tells Matt that she has to go find Jackson, and she leaves.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party

  • As D.J. is talking to Steve, Matt walks out of a room with Comet Jr. Jr. and says, "Comet Jr. Jr. is ready!" and hands him to Steve. Steve looks at Matt and asks, "What happened to Dr. Harmon?", he responds letting him know that he is doctor Harmon. Steve says, "No I mean the older, shorter, less.. handsome Dr. Harmon?"
  • D.J. tells them that Matt is just filling in for Dr. Harmon until he gets off vacation. Matt and Steve introduce themselves before Steve asks, "Your only working with D.J. temporarily though, right?". Matt says, "Well that was the plan, but I'm starting to really like it here in San Fransisco so-". Steve interrupts him with, "Well, you wife must miss you though?". Matt tells him that he doesn't have a wife. Steve says, "Well, then you husband must miss you.". Matt looks at him and says, "Nope, straight and single.". Steve responds with, "Wow, okay, so D.J. is working with a good looking, single, straight guy.. great!"
  • Steve tells Matt that Matt needs a good, hot, woman. He suggests Kimmy Gibbler (to get him away from D.J.).
  • After Steve leaves, D.J. tells Matt that him and Kimmy wouldn't be a bad idea. She tells him that Kimmy is throwing a birthday party for her daughter, Ramona. She tells him to come by if he wants.
  • Once Ramona's party starts and Fernando was downstairs, D.J. introduces Matt and Kimmy. When Matt shakes Kimmy's hand, he realizes she is choking and he helps her get the mini corn dog she was choking on out. Once he does, Kimmy hugs him and states that he saved her life.
  • After Fernando walks into the room and gets the wrong idea, Matt leaves and D.J. follows him apologizing for how weird tonight was. Matt responds sarcastically, "Why would you say it was weird? Just because I got slapped and kissed by the same man?". D.J. laughs.
  • Before Matt leaves D.J. tells him that she will see him Monday. Matt says he can't wait. They both wave.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks

  • D.J. and Matt have Chinese food for dinner together. Matt reads his fortune cookie, "Eat more Chinese food.". D.J. says, "That's not a fortune; that's not even good dietary advice.". Matt laughs and asks her what hers says. D.J. reads her fortune as Matt takes a bite of an egg roll, "Don't eat the egg rolls their a week old.". Matt spits out the egg roll. They both laugh.
  • Matt tells D.J. she has a great laugh. D.J. tells him thank you. Matt says that this kind of feels like a date. Matt points out that he hasn't been on a date since his divorce. D.J. says she hasn't been on one since 1999.
  • D.J. says that she is not looking forward to the whole dating thing yet. Matt agrees.
  • D.J. points out that it's getting late and they should probably go home. Matt says she can go and he'll stay and clean up. She thanks him.
  • They hug and D.J. tells him that she'll see him next Monday.
  • As D.J. is heading towards the door, Matt says, "D.J. wait!", D.J. immediately runs up to him and kisses him. Matt points out that he was only going to say that she forgot her purse.
  • D.J. says, "Oh.. I thought.. well you knew what I though-". Before she can finish they kiss again. She says, "Oh my-Lanta." and she smiles and says bye before she walks out.
  • Matt happily skips to the table to clean.

Additional Names

  • M.J. (M/att and D./J.)
  • Monnna (M/att and D/onna) (D.J.'s real name is Donna Jo)
  • Dott (Do/nna and Ma/tt)

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