Oh Mylanta!
—D.J. Catchphrase

Donna Jo "D.J." Margaret Tanner-Fuller is the oldest Tanner sister in Full House and Fuller House. She is portrayed by Candace Cameron Bure.


Full House

"D.J. Tanner was born on the 9th of February, 1977. She is the older sister of Stephanie and Michelle Tanner.

D.J. is sometimes called "Deej" by her family and close friends. Though she gets upset at times over her father whenever he would either pry into her affairs or embarrass her, she is always quick to apologize, especially when she snaps at him. D.J. is often irritated about the limits her father places on her, and usually breaks these limits. In the end, she does learn her lesson (usually the hard way). This structure of one of the "Tanner sisters" learning a life-important lesson is shown in many episodes. D.J. is an honor student (although she received a "F" and a "C" in science once, which never happened again).
D.J. Tanner in the Season 5 opening titles

D.J. in the Season 5 intro of Full House.

From the season one episode "Daddy's Home", when she will not talk about how much she wishes Danny was not working so much because Stephanie would cry about Danny missing her recital, D.J. shows great sensitivity toward her younger siblings. She also stays home from her first non-mother/daughter slumber party to take care of baby Michelle when Jesse, Joey, and Stephanie have chicken pox, so that Michelle would not get it too. Stephanie quite often gets on her nerves with her snooping, and this trend continues throughout the series (although Stephanie and D.J. fight less as they get older)."

D.J. trying to get Jackson in a good mood before she breaks news to him.

-Thanks to the Full House Wiki (Our Sisters Wiki)

Fuller House

D.J. has now given birth to three children, JacksonMax, and Tommy Jr. Her husbands name was also Tommy, whom she named her last son, Tommy Jr, after. Unfortunately, D.J.'s husband, Tommy, died trying to save a small girl from a fire.

D.J. unpacking groceries as Stephanie is playing with Tommy Jr.

Stephanie and Kimmy later decided to move in with D.J. to help her manage to take care of her children, along with Kimmy's daughter Ramona

Occasionally, some of her family members, and old friends come to visit her such as, Danny, JesseJoeyBecky, and Steve.


  • It was revealed in "Happy New Year, Baby!" that D.J. would have picked Steve, but sadly, in the time she took to think, he started dating, and eventually got engaged to C.J However, she states that she is still happy with Matt.
  • GOOF: Fuller House season 2 episode 10 "New Kids on the House" stated that it's D.J.'s 39th birthday which is contuinity error since Full House episode "13 Candles" revealed that D.J.'s birthday was in February. Also since she was born in 1977, there's no way she turned 39.


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