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Cteve is a pairing between Steve and C.J. in Fuller House. They are currently exes.

In Welcome Back, right when D.J. was about to choose between Steve and Matt (later revealed that she was going to pick Steve) both Steve and Matt revealed they had girlfriends (with Steve's being C.J.), making D.J. jealous. It was a running gag in season 2 how similar C.J. and D.J. were. In D.J. and Kimmy's High School Reunion, Steve tells D.J. that he is going to propose to C.J., and she seems a little surprised by this information, but is happy

Steve and CJ

Steve proposing to C.J.

for Steve. In Happy New Year, Baby, Steve gets extremely nervous and doesn't think he can propose. D.J. then allows him to test it out on her. C.J. walks in the room when Steve is pretending to propose to D.J. and C.J. leaves believing that he was cheating on her. Steve then chases after her, but (still nervous) can't get the words out of his mouth. Steve then tosses D.J. the ring and allows D.J. to propose to C.J. for him. C.J. gets happy knowing that Steve was going to propose to her, and says yes.

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Additional Names

  • S.J. (S/teve and C/.J.)
  • Ceve (C/.J. and St/eve)

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