• CartoonEverything

    hello I went to the WB Studios and i got to see the Full/Fuller House set and I liked it.

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  • ILoveRavensHome

    Hey Everyone!

    July 18, 2017 by ILoveRavensHome

    Hey Guys, I'm ILoveRavensHome and i'm happy to be apart of the Fuller Team, and will serve a particular amount of time, until AquaTerra7 gets back, I will be a great help i manage alot a wiki's but I still will be on 24/7 if you have questions ask me, and looking forward to meeting all of you. I will meet and greet every staff member on the wiki.

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  • FullerHouseFan01

    One Year Anniversary

    February 12, 2017 by FullerHouseFan01

    Today was my one year anniversary helping on the wiki! Woho! :D

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  • Daniel Viglietti

    Hey everyone, The Annual Fuller Awards are out now and it will be broken into 5 divisions: Character, Episode, Cast, Staff and Other. The competition will last for 2 weeks and will be announced on Sunday the 26th of February. YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE SO CHOOSE WISELY. START VOTING NOW!



    Character Division -

    Episode Division -

    Cast Division -

    Staff Division - 

    Other Division - (the other division does not count towards the awards and is just for some feedback)


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  • AquaTerra7

    Infobox Images

    January 24, 2017 by AquaTerra7


    I made a vote for what D.J. and Stephanie's infobox images should be.

    Here are the links:


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  • FullerHouseFan01

    Hey everybody! The Fuller House Wiki Awards are now in session and the nominees are in! The awards are broken into 4 divisions: Character, Episode, Cast and Staff of the Month. For six weeks everyone on the wiki will be able to nominate characters for many different categories and now it's time. So here are the nominees! NOTE:YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE NOT AGAIN SO MAKE SURE WHOEVER YOU PICKED IS WHO YOU REALLY WANT!


    Character Divison -
    Episode Divison -
    Cast Divison -
    Staff of the Month -…

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  • AquaTerra7

    January 17th

    January 11, 2017 by AquaTerra7

    The 17th will mark my 1 year anniversary on this Wiki .-.

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  • AquaTerra7

    Fuller House Season 2

    November 13, 2016 by AquaTerra7

    Alright! As most of you may know, Fuller House season 2 will be released on December 9th on Netflix.

    So, to prepare everyone, I set up a few polls bellow for fun.

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  • Duggie Davenport

    Staff intro

    July 22, 2016 by Duggie Davenport

    Hello, i am a rollback and a chat mod now. If you have any ideas for more chat traffic please message me. I am an experienced staff member from multiple wiki's where most I am a bureaucrat or admin. I am here to help you with whatever page problems you have just comment below any wrong edits and I'll rollback them. Also if you have any thing you need on chat please connent below or message me.

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  • Duggie Davenport


    June 22, 2016 by Duggie Davenport

    Hello, my name is Rollback Duggie Davenport. I am an experienced staff member from multiple wiki's where most I am a bureaucrat or admin. I am here to help you with whatever page problems you have just comment below any wrong edits and I'll rollback them. 

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  • AquaTerra7


    May 23, 2016 by AquaTerra7

    Hello Wiki-ers.

    I just decided to make this short blog apologizing for the bad HD on some of the new episode galleries. I will screenshot new and better photos for them tonight at the latest.

    Thank you, AquaTerra7 (Talk)

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  • AquaTerra7


    May 4, 2016 by AquaTerra7

    Hello Wiki-ers, I was wondering,

    should we rename D.J.'s page, "D.J. Tanner" or "D.J. Fuller"?

    D.J.'s husband is deasesed, therefore, there is a chance she goes by "Tanner" now.

    Kimmy and Fernando, were basically divorced, so Kimmy goes by "Kimmy Gibbler" and not Fernando's last name.

    So, does that mean D.J. would do the same?

    The show is called "Fuller House" and I feel like it would be a good pun to keep her name that.

    Stephanie has also calls her "D.J. Fuller" sometimes when she is saying her full name.

    So, what do you think?

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  • AquaTerra7

    Accepting Chat Mods!

    March 28, 2016 by AquaTerra7

    Hello fellow wiki-ers! I just wanted to inform everyone that we are now accepting Chat Mods!

    We are running low of staff so we decided to open chat mod applications!

    If you don't know what a chat mod is:

    A Chat Mod "Moderator", is a mod for only chat.

    So if a user is misbehaving in chat, you could easily block/kick them from our chat!

    Keep in mind that if you are given this position, you must be very active in chat.

    We can't have inactive Chat Mods, because then users can easily get away with breaking the rules!

    Okay, now i'm going to stop talking now, and good luck applying!

    If you wish to apply, ask one of these fellow users,

    Daniel Viglietti



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  • FullerHouseFan01



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  • AquaTerra7

    Chat Mod

    March 11, 2016 by AquaTerra7

    I am now a proud Chat Moderator on this Wiki. I will be active in chat but if I do miss someone misbehaving in chat, please contact me or any other users with the ability to ban people from chat.

    EDIT: I am now an Admin, if someone is breaking the rules, contact me, or other Admin.

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  • FullerHouseFan01

    Happy Presidents Day Everyone From The Fuller House Wiki :) 

    In The Comments tell us what you did this year Bye!!!

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  • FullerHouseFan01


    February 13, 2016 by FullerHouseFan01

    Im Here to make this the best wiki everyone has ever seen!

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  • Daniel Viglietti

    This is a message to all users

    If you will be watching Fuller House and want to add photos to the episodes after watching them. Please feel free to do so.


    Must be a screenshot of the episode from Netflix

    In the notes/trivia section of the episode you must write photo from netflix

    When uploading the photo you must call it the episode name

    E.G The original name is Screen_Shot_1.png MUST be changed to E.G OurVeryFirstShowAgain.png

    I know these seem kind of demanding but its just to make sure this wiki remains easier to navigate around


    The Admin

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