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This is where you'll apply to become an Administrator, Rollback or Chat Moderator

Click the button below to see the application. When you're ready to apply (or when we make an announcement), click here to go to the Google Form where you can complete your application.

The application will be reviewed by Daniel Viglietti , FullerHouseFan01 and AquaTerra7 and we will get back to you ASAP. Remember though, we're not always looking for new staff so don't be disheartened if we deny your request at first.

Ready to apply? Click to see the application.

  • How old are you? [13 - 16], [17 - 21], or [22+]
  • How long have you been a user on this wiki?
  • How many article edits do you have?
  • Have you ever been blocked from chat or wiki? If so, then why?
  • Are you active on the wiki weekly?


  • Are you Admin or Rollback and chat moderator on any other wikis? If so, how many?
  • Give a brief introduction about yourself.
  • What are some skills you have as a Admin or Rollback and chat moderator?
  • As a Admin or Rollback and chat moderator, what are some weaknesses that might effect you?
  • Have any other users recommended you? If so, please list them.
  • Do you have anything else to say?

Example Situations:

  • If someone is caught violating the wiki rules or chat rules, how do you handle it? Please use the Warning section on the rules as a reference.

Staff Members 

What You Can Apply For

  • Administrator
  • Chat Moderator
  • Rollback


  • If we need new staff, we will put out an announcement. You can then use the Google Form to apply.
  • DO NOT go to the wall of an admin and request for rights. That's not how it works.


December 24th, 2017.

There is a new way to apply. Instead of creating a blog post. A Google Form will now be used, which the admins will then review. Please see above for details.