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A Tangled Web, is the eigth episode of season 2, and the twenty-first episode overall.


Jackson and Ramona take care of Lola's pet tarantula, Spot, which both mistake as a dog initially.

The day before Max's "One Kid Can Make a Difference" presentation arrives and Taylor and his father both taunt Max and D.J. that they will win the green ribbon as Taylor will be presenting a solar-powered ATV, causing D.J. to become competitive to beat Taylor and his father in the presentation. Max's project is overtaken with his speech being re-written and having a more over the top presentation complete with pyrotechnics. When Max becomes scared after Spot crawls onto his head, D.J. fills in for Max with his big finisher after he runs inside. In the end, both Max and Taylor lose first place due to the parental interference to their classmate Sarah, who created a windmill out of old Barbies. Later that night, D.J. apologizes to Max for overtaking his project and causing him to lose.

Stephanie presents her song "The Boy Next Door" to Jimmy and the family, who all love it and Jimmy decides to make a "lubby dubby" music video of each other to post online. However, it has barely any views and a large amount of dislikes, upsetting Stephanie. To make it up to her, Kimmy and Jimmy redo the video, with all clips of Stephanie and Jimmy re-created with clips of Tommy and Cosmo. This video is better received with more likes and shows her that her music wasn't terrible, just the video.




  • Adam Hagenbuch as Jimmy Gibbler
  • Ryun Yu as Larry
  • Kelly Jenrette as Mrs. Banks
  • Lucas Jaye as Taylor


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